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The article is mainly about something tried out in the classroom not working as expected. This could be a call for input and/or help from colleagues and/or other readers.

Finally getting it…

I have finally figured out how to publish… I I spent an hour yesterday typing a post but was unsuccessful posting it, so here goes, again.

My personality type was getting the better of me. Of course I chose one of the toughest students to try to type. I did not spend enough time with him and felt overwhelmed with the vocabulary. I was over thinking everything. I had bitten off more than I could possibly handle and struggled stubbornly. IAs I was in the shower, I thought about how I would help a student who might be struggling with a new concept. Then it dawned on me that I would break it down into more digestible portions. I now know I need to choose a different student, which I finally did.

I think this student is ESFJ. I believe he is E due to his activity level. He needs to be standing and frequently blurts out before others can have time to think things through. He is a capable learner. During group activities he is usually done with his part before his other group members are so he wanders to other groups, play sword fighting or any other physical movement, disrupting that group. He is constantly being reminded by the teacher to “get back to his group”.

He shows S traits preferring factual accounts. He responds well when directions are concrete. He lives very much in the present.

I believe he is an F as he weighs how people might be ‘against’ him when there is a disagreement. He is quick to become emotional and may even run away from a situation that has become too much for him to handle.

And lastly, I believe he is J because he is goal oriented when the subject matter interests him. He will take over a group, get it organized and plan whatever it takes to complete the assignment.

After I focused on this child for two classes, I could see the difference in my approach. I was more willing to give him credit for knowing the material even when he showed frustration by acting out. I was able to ask him what it was he needed to get the assignment completed and got a very good answer from him rather than focus on the misbehavior and head down a difficult path. All he needed was a different kind of lined paper rather than the grid paper the teacher was providing. He did not like the grid. It bothered him so I gave him some yellow lined paper and turned it sideways. as we were doing long division, to help him line up the columns. He was a dream to work with and even had the patience to wait for me to check his work until I finished helping another student. I thanked him for being patient and he smiled a genuine smile.

I like the good days!


Enlighted Reading on a full stomach

First off I hope I’m doing this BLOG thing correctly.  I don’t see anyone else’s posts except for the beginning of November from Beth and Ellen.  So here we go!  I had so many thoughts going through my head as I read the chapters and lots of notes were flying into my notebook.  I now see some areas I can “change” to meet the needs of my little ones.  I see “mistakes” I may be making that are impacting their learning and my patience.  I realize what worked last year with my groups may not work this year, even though some of my students were with me last year.  My eyes are wide open to adapt and make changes to my daily  schedule, activities and assessments.   Can’t wait to discuss with everyone their thoughts and visions of classroom management and how to reach all our learners through their and our personalities.