Final Reflection Paper


What a journey this has been, from remembering my letters and what they mean to embracing their meaning and growing to understand the students around me. “WOW” It is true that “Who we are is How we teach”(Kise,10).  I am extroverted, I absolutely gain energy from the people around me, I will take a project and run with it. I find the students like me the easiest to work with. They converse easily and ask for help when they need it. There is no guessing. The introverted student is a bit harder. They tend to keep their thoughts to themselves. I have to ask many questions to find out what they may need help with.  

On page 15 of Kise, I checked off all the boxes for the Sensing types preferences. I find helping students that are sensing types easier to guide in an assignment. They will find enough information to finish the project fairly quickly, sometimes, they will also have a timeline to complete it on time. The intuitive student will start the project before knowing the direction it will go in, and usually at the last minute. I am having a nervous condition worrying if it will be turned in on time and if will it match the directions.

I am a mix of Thinking and Feeling. I make decisions first by looking at things logically, finding what is right and what is wrong with a choice. Then, I think sympathetically, does it touch my heart?  Then there are the people that surround us, how does this choice affect them? Are their feelings safe? At school I love science and math. I want to know how the world works. I am sometimes too rigid. I have been called the gestapo by one student a few years ago. I can easily be pulled into a non-productive conversation by students who do not wish to be working. I have also been known to give praise to students who need a push when a small accomplishment has been reached.

Page 20 in Kise gives the choices of Judging or Perceiving. I have checked most of the Judging boxes. I once heard my mother say that people in community groups look for the busy person to ask to help you when a job needs more help. These busy people must be Judging types. They seem to be able to finish all the old projects and the new ones they take on. I am very much like them. I was always the President of the Navy wives clubs I belonged to. I am also ahead or on time with most of my assignments when I take class. The same is true with quilting. If my project is self directed I can start and finish on a schedule and it will be beautiful. If I buy into a Mystery project where only the organizer knows the plan, it is hard to choose the fabric. It is good there is a timeline built in, I would never get the fabric cut never mind pieced. These few projects have also become beautiful.  I think this makes me a bit  empathetic toward the Judging student who needs clear direction for an assignment. This course will help me be  more patient with the perceiving student. I find myself getting frustrated with the student that spends many study dates with me looking for information, but never chooses what to actually work on to completion until the last day possible.

Having taken both the Multiple Intelligences class and Differentiation through Personality types class, I will be a better paraeducator. Knowing how and why people learn the way they do, and being able to differentiate for the differences can benefit the student’s interest in learning. The assignments focused on the stronger skills and intelligence will attain positive accomplishments and the weaker skills and intelligences can become stronger when the weaker sides are stretched.  The teacher will also get a benefit. The student will have less negative behaviors. There will be a much nicer learning environment and relationship between the student and teacher.


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