Classroom Management

If I Were in Charge

I am in four Physical Science Classes. In one of these classes there are two groups of four students on diagonal opposite ends of the room. Now there are not a lot of choices for moving the desks around. There are Lab benches and a Promethean board that squashes the desks on one side of the room. I would move the students so that both of these groups would no longer be able to spend most of the class lectures or seat work time talking about things other than science work. These students, all eight of them are passing with good grades; however some students around them are struggling to stay on task. The majority of this groups grades are passing. I would place students one and two at least three desks apart and move student seven into student one’s seat. Student  five would move three seats away from student eight. There are enough vacant seats in the center of the room so that none of the students in the center would need to move more than one seat in any direction near the seat they are presently seated in. These extraverted male students would be allowed to work on Labs in groups of two. I  would not allow all four to be at the same lab bench across from each other. They have too much trouble focusing on the assigned task in a group of four. These boys would rather play than work at school. The girls; however can stay focused on a lab in a group of two or four. The girls usually finish their labs in a timely manner; yet the boys are lucky if they get all their data finished before the end of class. I think some of the boys difficulties have as much to do with immaturity as it does with extraversion. 

The teacher took my suggestion and made a new seating chart. It will be implemented on Wednesday.




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