Classroom Management

Just like Andrea, I am also an aid, therefore, not in charge of the classroom and sometimes treated like a non-entity by the students. But I feel that behehavior management falls to me occasionally because while the teacher is teaching I can see what is happening around the room. There are times I will ask students to put their phones away or stop talking to pay attention. You should see the glares I get! Many times the students will pull their phones out right in front of me!!

In the 10th grade Humanities class that I go to we have a new teacher. We have talked about classroom management and personality types and she has graciously said she’d put into practice some of the ideas from the book. It is worth noting that she took this class a couple years ago.

Clear Listening Time Boundries: Our Humanities class is full of talkers 🙂 Boy, do they love to talk to each other. Ms. Miller and I discussed using this stategy of letting them know how long she will talk at the beginning of class before they get to “have the floor” during their seat work. But after a few classes I noticed that she didn’t use this strategy. What I did notice is that the students are getting use to the routine in class, therefore, managing better at listening at the beginning of class.

Group Grading: This pertains to not working well in a group. After a group project on “Hall of Fame/Hall of Shame” (Emporer), Ms. Miller handed out a self-evaluation for the students to fill out with 2 categories: Work Load and Partner Cohesion and there was a place for comments. Four pairs graded themselves the same on the rubric. One pair matched up perfectly where J felt he had some issues with his partner and G admitted he completed a smaller amount of work because of computer and internet issues at home. Another pair was a little different also: D said he had issues with his partner but T liked working with his partner because it helped him get the work done. I think this is an evaluation that could be used to help students really look at themselves and how they work with others but another thought is to use it to create partnerships for future projects.

All-Share: We will try a version of what Ms. Miller is calling “entrance slips.” This strategy will help when we get unequal participation in class. It’s almost like a KWL to build background knowledge. But because of  her schedule and this class schedule I am unable to report how this went over, so to speak.


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