Read Naturally with a Partner

Hi everyone!  Hope your week is going well.  This is where I am at with this week’s assignment.  Shoot me now.  In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “Do the best you can, with what you have, right now.”  In her day, however, boxing of ears was an acceptable method to get children to focus.  Oh, how I love working with two ENTPs when it comes to formatting a plan! Talk about impulsive energy.  I asked for input from these two, and I got it in spades. At the end of the block I felt as if I had a spike driven through my right eye.  I am as close to an opposite personality type to them as I could find, either ISFJ or INFJ, I still haven’t quite got a handle on my identity, and given my standing in the regular classroom, there was no way I could change up what the classroom teacher is doing, so I had to work with my reading intervention students – the most challenging ones.  Why not?  This lesson plan is a work in progress, and I will have a better grip on things and report in next Wednesday, unless I lose my grip before then!   These two ENTP boys work at about the same pace and reading level. This was the main reason I paired them up.  The other student is a faster reader (ISTJ) and I don’t want to hold him back by pairing him with either one of the above. My fourth student in this block misses a day with band practice, needs to stay in class frequently to make up work, and is reading at a far lower fluency rate than the other three. He is an enigma, I haven’t got a good read on his personality type- am leaning toward ESFP.  He is definitely in the here and now, but he cannot be depended upon to be a consistent partner, so he is out of the mix.   Any input you have is greatly appreciated.  I realize you have your own stuff to sort out, too.  This plan is a bit lengthy, and I had to adapt it to adhere closely to the regular program I am assigned to administer, and bear in mind, the partners had some input as to how this process would work.

Read Naturally Lesson Plan    –  Working with a Partner


  1.   Partners have one minute to choose a story to read.

If this is not accomplished within the minute, the administrator will choose the story.  Another choice is to flip a coin for first pick, and then story choice will alternate from then on.   (They chose to flip a coin.)

  1.  Each partner gets two story copies each, one for reading and recording their timings and the other for reference when answering the comprehension questions.
  1. Each partner will put the copies into the construction paper sleeve so that only the title of the story and the vocabulary words at the top are in view.
  1.  Using the circle frame map template as a prediction tool (Kise p.100), the partners will write the title in the center oval and then conference together and list “What I Know” (Kise  p.101) inside the circle shape of the template. Partners have 2 minutes to teach each other what they know about the topic.
  1. The administrator will conduct the one-minute cold timing for fluency. The other partner must sit on the opposite side of the room and wear ear muffs. This will prevent this partner from hearing the story ahead of time.  For this first step in the program, they can flip for who goes first, and then alternate turns with each new story.
  1.  Partners will share the large CD player, listen to the story on low volume and follow along once, and then quietly read together with the story twice.
  1.  The five timed readings can be arranged in any order and shared as long as the following criteria is met:   2  one-minute timings

2 two-minute timings

1 complete reading of the story

Partners will monitor each other as they read, checking for errors, but not interrupting the reader.

(Criteria can be changed at the discretion of the administrator, depending on the results and efforts of the partners.)  

  1.  Echo reads will require a shared reading with the administrator, where the echoes will progress paragraph by paragraph, with partners alternating turns.
  1.  Comprehension questions are to be completed separately by each partner at the agreed upon times during the process:

a chosen spot between any of the readings

after the fifth read and before the hot timing

after the hot timing

Partners may compare answers when done and discuss answers that do not match.  They have the opportunity to discuss and change their answers before the administrator corrects.  (This process will be reviewed and / or adapted at the discretion of the administrator.)

  1.  The administrator will conduct hot timings and record any errors, as well as assess the reading expression rating.
  1.  Partners color their own graphs and record “What I Learned” in the rectangular shape on their prediction template and share these facts together with the administrator.
  1.  Administrator records cold and hot scores, as well as comprehension data, and assesses the student’s performance before partners proceed to a new story.

3 responses to “Read Naturally with a Partner

  1. You are amazing to do this program with these students. They will figure out how lucky they are in their adulthood. How successful was this plan? It seems like sitting with earmuffs might get boring. What is that student working on at that time?

  2. It looks to me like you’ve done a great job of integrating Type activities into a rigid program. I would love to hear how it went, if you get a chance to actually use this plan. Bravo!

  3. Thanks for your input. To answer your question, Rose, the cold timings last for 1 minute, so the down time is so short. I have each one take their template while they are waiting and add more to it if they can. Originally, I had them each go outside the classroom next door to the common area for “just a minute”, but my mischief maker got himself into trouble with his homeroom teacher (as luck would have it, she was passing by – she is checking up on him) for trying to knock an eraser out of the bank of florescent lights with a tennis ball. You can’t make this stuff up! So now I have to keep them both in the room, hence the ear phones (I cut the adapter cord off a really old pair I found in a box of junk and stuffed some more felt in the ear pieces.) They don’t mind wearing them – they love to clown around.
    Thanks for the kudos, Marilyn. It is still a bit rough in places, but any change in schedule with these two is going to take a couple weeks. I am worried that the mischievous one will begin to hold the other one back, and I can’t have that. As of Thursday they both were almost finished with their questions and when done, they will have a chance to conference. Friday was Scrabble Day, and we all needed a change of pace. I will share the results of Monday and Tuesday classes when we meet on Wednesday. The real test will be when they both start a new story. An increase in the cold score is what we want to see increase. Thanks again.

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