Student Type Hypothesis

There are many students I could choose in my 7 classes. I have finally chosen a student I will call B and a student I will call K. They are very different people. B can be an “A” student if he chose to be. K would be happy just to pass.

B I think is introverted. He is mostly quiet in class. His mom passed away at the beginning of the year. He doesn’t talk much about her, yet one day before Thanksgiving he could not focus on the lab. He was giving me negative attitude, so I asked him what was wrong. He had to think a minute and blurted out that it was exactly a month from his mother’s death. I told him that was his problem and asked if he wanted a pass to the counseling center. He went and has been my best buddy in that class. During other labs I must focus on him and his buddies, because distractions cause them to not get the work recorded.

I think B is more intuitive than sensing. He often will start the assignment before the directions are explained, then need to borrow an eraser to fix his answers. We have not yet gotten into making our own experiments in Science; however I am anxious to see what plans he comes up with.

B may be a thinking rather than feeling. He often needs me to encourage him to write his answers down. He seems to be afraid to get it wrong. He also is consistently asked to stop the conversations with his friends. He always must finish his thought before joining the class.

B may be perceiving as he needs me to keep him recording his results from experiments, and encouragement to write down the notes.

I only see B one block 3 times a week, I am sure there are many more examples that could be found in his day that may contradict my thoughts or confirm them.

K is my second student. She is extroverted. She believes that there is nothing more important than her thought. She has no problem telling me no matter what is going on around her.

K may be sensing as she learns better with hands on activities. She also asks a lot of questions before starting an assignment.

K may be thinking. She prefers to be in charge of the experiments or their group talks; however she will ask me what I think about their conversation, or results of their experiments.

K may be judging as she needs clear instructions and may ask for them to be repeated and explained multiple times before she can begin working.

I am not sure how much of the behavior I experience with K has to do with her disability or is magnified by her disability.


3 responses to “Student Type Hypothesis

  1. Hi Rose,
    I also am familiar with B, however I think of him as more of a Feeling individual. He has not come in to 196 as often as he did right after his mother’s passing but he would always talk about how things were not fair. Not even in reference to his mom, but how teachers treated students or how students treated each other. He showed compassion and caring for others and sided with the underdog. We do see him under different circumstances, so he could fall into both thinking and feeling. 🙂

  2. He has never spoken to me about these kinds of statements. I think this might be a bit of muddy water depending on the circumstances.

  3. You’ve done a great job here, Rose. It’s hard when we don’t see them on a consistant basis. It’s nice when someone else knows the student, too, and we can get other feedback. Good observations with what you have!

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