Black and White Personality Type

It was challenging to find students that clearly fit into all four types in my mind, so I picked two who stood out as opposites.  I’ll call them Black and White just because they are pretty different from one another – no connotation of goodness or ethnicity intended.

Black is an extravert.  He engages in conversations quickly and easily and does not like to sit alone.  He always wants to pick groups and is overly concerned about where he gets to sit.  He’s an entertainer, always moving around, speaking loudly, and drawing attention, which he enjoys.  He talks over others frequently with whatever crosses his mind.

Black is intuitive.  He starts most projects without reading or listening to directions. Today in class we were doing a physics project involving paper folding.  He made modifications to the design first and then asked if he was allowed to do what he’d already done.

Black is also thinking.  He thrives during competitive review games, always wanting to be the fastest and best.  When in group projects he tends to take the lead.  He chides his classmates sometimes for not being on their game academically

Black is judging. He doesn’t like to re-do assignments once he thinks he’s finished.  He is hasty in making decisions, diving headlong into tasks before assessing the situation.  He often misses parts of multi-step questions because he thinks he knows what to do and doesn’t bother to read.

White is an introvert. He walks alone in the hall and doesn’t like speaking out in class.  He is content to sit and work alone but has a few friends he likes to partner with.  He communicates very clearly in writing but almost never raises a hand in large-group class settings.  He is quiet but will often approach me at the beginning and end of class to say hello and ask what the plan is for the day.

White is sensing.  He asks me every single class what we’ll be doing that day, even though it’s usually on the board behind me.  He needs to know what is going to happen and often checks to be sure he knows how his work should be done.  This also illustrates that he is feeling.  He is quiet and meek, always careful to be polite and not offend.  I haven’t seen him shut down with criticism, but I have seen the opposite – that he responds overly well to praise.
I can’t tell whether White is Judging or Perceiving, because I see some of both.  I’m going to go with judging, only because he really seems to gravitate toward the structures of assigned seating and class schedules, but I see some perceiving traits, as well – like having difficulty making decisions quickly.  This may be more of a processing speed issue, however.

One response to “Black and White Personality Type

  1. Nicely said, Christopher. A couple of characteristics to think about for “white” when deciding J/P: what’s his flexibility like? Is he adaptable? Is he easy-going? If not, then I would stick with Judging.

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