Student Hypothesis

Student Type

DJ (Struggling) I,S,T,P

Explanation: I – After sitting in class everyday with this student, I have noticed some pretty clear ideas as to what type he may be. I notice that he is very quiet and slow to respond in class. He works decent with a partner of his choice, but would prefer to work alone rather than having a partner chosen for him. He keeps to himself unless spoken to or questioned. He is able to speak up and work in groups, but requires more time to get all of the details and clarification.

S – Often interrupts before all directions have been given. Can’t seem to come up with ideas for projects or how to start a piece of writing. He works much better with hands on learning opportunities rather than books. He works best when he has clear expectations.

T – He leans more toward thinking that feeling. Definitely likes to find the flaw, whether it be with a person or an assignment. I can see that he would be uncomfortable with affection. He will get the last word even if he is wrong, he will not lose face in front of his friends in a debate with authority, but that is a very occasional circumstance.

P/J – I am leaning more toward P, but there are some J characteristics as well. He will rush to get things done but is not concerned about accuracy of the information. He underestimates the time it will take to complete an assignment. When it comes to projects or research he tends to say things like, “I will do whatever, I don’t care” or “just give me a topic”. Will work right up to the last minute to finish work. May not finish work by the deadline, shutting down and not finishing.


TC (Successful most of the time) E,S,T,P

Explanation: E – This young man is very outspoken and in your face. He is loud and will say things before he thinks about them. He works much better in a group, although can get off topic if he’s working with friends. He is more productive when doing activities instead of reading. Interruptions won’t bother him, in fact he is usually the one interrupting in some way. He often has to go to the bathroom, AKA go for a walk or sharpen his pencil just to have an excuse to move around.

S – Like the student above, he also works best with clear expectations. He requires ideas and examples to start a project and often interrupts when directions are being given. He’s the kid that will ask multiple times what is expected after being told multiple times already. I find him to be a very nice kid with the need for a lot of guidance.

T – Does not hesitate to let the teacher know if he thinks something isn’t fair or accurate. May be confrontational without realizing that he’s coming off as disrespectful. Likes to have the last word and can get in trouble for it sometimes.

P – I can’t get past the procrastination part of perceiving. I often witness a whole lot of nothing getting done with this guy. He appears to be working but won’t have anything on his paper. He often won’t know what he wants to do when it comes to picking his own project, however even when one is chosen for him he delays getting started. He has to “think “ about it first. He will often be surprised when everyone else is done and he has only just begun. He is usually clear about directions, because he would ask if he wasn’t.


SC (Successful) E,S,F,J

Explanation: E – This young lady is a hot ticket. She is very much an extrovert in every sense. She will not hesitate to announce to the entire class about her morning hygiene routine, or what she ate for breakfast. No big deal you might think, but you can hear her down the hall. She tends to work better in a small group rather than alone because of her need to talk. Will often raise her hand and forget what she was going to say by the time she is called on.

S – She will ask questions for clarification and will struggle to come up with ideas, but once she does have a clear idea she will get down to business.

F – She will be vocal about sad stories and how much it bothers her and definitely will protect the underdog. Will often ask if she is doing things right or will not move on without checking in. She is sympathetic to others and considers their feelings in decision making.

J – I see her as more of a judging person although there may be some perceiving in there as well. I see her approach life in a “just get it done” way. She is very smart and wants to help others. She will often volunteer to go first when others won’t, so she can get it over with.

4 responses to “Student Hypothesis

  1. Good Grief, Andrea! You have done well to type 12 kids! Your head must be spinning at the end of the day. I am still in the process of reading the chapters and figuring out how to apply it to the 2 kids I haven’t typed yet. Congrats! I am still a bit frustrated because my involvement in classrooms is minimal, compared to my own reading classes, which are pretty straight forward and structured. I’ve got one student who does everything he can to avoid work and another that is so dutiful, I’d be delighted if he did something naughty. I am interested in seeing what plan you come up with for your 2 students. You have quite a few to choose from!

  2. This is great, Andrea! I’m jealous of how quickly you have picked up on this information and transferred it to students. I was no where near your level at this time when I first took the class. You get an “A” for observation!! It must have been that chart I gave you . . .

  3. I do believe that your chart was very helpful! I have been watching students since I started this class and it’s pretty cool when you start to pick up on things that offer an explanation for their behaviors. I may not be accurate with all of my information, but I believe it to be pretty close. Oh and thank you for the compliment. 🙂

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