Behavior Management Strategies

During study I have a student who is always sneaking on her laptop to look up cartoon characters on Google. After meeting with her case manager a plan was put in place for the student to earn time to go on Google so she has a choice to decide whether she will get time or not. Work a half hour and then gain 10 minutes of laptop time to spend time looking up cartoon characters. This strategy has worked well in that there is not the constant ¨Please do your work and shut down the laptop¨ every five minutes to now productive time during the times needed. This has made our student teacher relationship better. Another student that is working on E2020 has difficulty completing work at a steady pace. Once he gets started he does well. He and I have talked about what would help him stay on task better. He shared he needed a few minutes after class started to gather himself. Which now he has as long as it is not disturbing other students.  A goal was set that after each quiz completed he would gain another few minutes to relax his brain before continuing. We have done this and the success rate is up by half. This is still a work in progress as we are also exploring when he is having a bad day and how this effects his work. We have talked about how to keep productive when emotions are high. This is something that will take time. I also have reached out to his guidance counselor to help us have a better plan on emotional days in Academic Support.

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