Revising lessons to Include all type groups

While I was working through this assignment, I made a lot of connections with what the reading was saying. I seemed to cringe at the idea of some activities, simply because it doesn’t line up nicely with the flow of my classroom. The activities always came from the opposite type group. I see the value in them for students though, so I know that I need to add more of these style activities into my plans. I think that putting my students faces to the personality types listed in the book really helps me to see how each activity would benefit specific students. Having a name and a face seemed to help me get over the fact that it may not go with the typical flow of my classroom, and helps motivate me to make it all work together.

3 responses to “Revising lessons to Include all type groups

  1. Brittany, Your statement about cringing at some of the strategies is exactly why this work is so important! I think everyone cringes at their opposite values. Your idea of putting faces onto those activities is a great way to make sure you remember how important it is to meet everyone’s needs.

  2. It is nice to read your words as I am having trouble figuring out how to write a lesson plan as I never have had to do one. I can think of tons of stuff that I would want to put in a lesson plan that I would love but harder on the opposite spectrum. Fun sharing!!!

  3. I’m glad that I’m not the only one having trouble with writing a lesson plan!
    this course has been an eye opener as now i understand how important personality types are in working with our students. between the MI class and this one it makes you realize how important looking at the whole student is.
    i still get bogged down with tons of worksheets when discussion and hands on is also important. some of the classes that i cover are blow my mind with
    the amount of paper!
    we can also help our special ed students using some of these strategies-
    why should they struggle with reading paper when a video or podcast would be so much easier!

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