Multiple Inteligences

Today , as I was correcting papers and recording grades in Power School, I chose to listen to some music. I was thinking about the intelligence survey we took in class. My response to the item asking   about listening to music when grading papers etc. was “rarely”. Now I know why. It isn’t that I don’t want to listen to music while working; it’s that I can’t manage it. It was too hard to listen to the music, dance in my seat, AND hit the correct keys on the computer. Many students were getting some strange scores for their assignments. So, I’m not a musical genius because I don’t like music;  I just can’t multi-task when I’m listening to music. It was ironic and funny (although I’m glad no one was watching).

2 responses to “Multiple Inteligences

  1. I’m totally musical but need quiet when reading and/or working. I don’t understand how the students can focus with music in their ears! 🙂 🙂 But the fact that I don’t like, or can’t handle, background music strikes me very funny.

  2. I think the key for background music is to choose pieces that have no words — classical music is great for this. I enjoyed the visualization of your dance-grading party! Love those insights.

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