Chapter 5 thoughts

While reading through chapter 5 one thing struck me in regards to struggling learners. It seems that many of the assignments given are those that appeal to the sensing preference. If one is more of an intuitive learner, I can see how frustration or boredom would set in because of the difficulty connecting facts you are supposed to learn with a purpose. On page 58 I read, “Gathering information without an end as a guide means they have no filter to know which information is relevant and which is not. This creates confusion.” Several boys I was working with in homework club are probably intuitive and perceiving types. They were so frustrated with an assignment. I chatted with them about connections to other topics and activities they enjoyed outside of school and also the used quite a bit of humor! Allowing them the chances to make guesses and connections helped them to focus on the assignment  they needed to do. I also think many perceiving students need help with planning methods that will work with how they operate. School seems to me to be much more inclined to a judging preference—using agendas, due dates, schedules, trimesters, etc.


One response to “Chapter 5 thoughts

  1. Interesting perceptions, Betsy — and I agree that school seems to be all about the J. It’s great that you are able to find ways to make it work for many students already! You will be doing that without even batting an eye soon, I bet.

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