As I read through chapters 1-3, I was particularly struck by the idea of “Ability +Interest=Flow” and what flow is. As both a teacher and a student, it is something that I seek. The lesson just doesn’t seem to feel right without it. For me, flow happens when I can get up and work with others and when I can apply what I am working with to something tangible, a real life situation. During graduate school, as we explored ourselves as learners, I discovered that I am a very experiential learner. The sensing side of me seems to take over as I learn and I struggle to retain information without immediately putting it to use. I suppose it makes sense, then, that I chose a graduate program whose entire philosophy focuses on Integrated and Project-Based learning! My biggest problem, both as a student and a teacher, is being organized enough to keep tract of everything that I am learning, or following through with every step of these projects!

One response to “reflecting….

  1. It is important for us as teachers to understand ourselves, and then to find ways to teach outside our own comfort levels in order to reach our students. For your particular teaching assignment, though, it might be even more important for you to find ways to help other “experiential” learners make connections to the lessons. I’m guessing that most, if not all, of your students fall into that category. What do you think?

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