We Begin Again!

I seem to be learning a lot these past few weeks, about running a business, marketing, and now, managing several blogs! This one, Differentiation Through Personality Type, is part of a course I teach for educators in a New Hampshire school district. This will be the third time I’ve taught this course, so I’m hoping for smooth sailing!

To those of you checking out the blog for the first time, welcome, and don’t worry about a thing — you will soon learn how to navigate this page like a pro.

As always, I am excited to begin again. Thanks for jumping on board — may you learn more than you expect to learn and enjoy the journey.

7 responses to “We Begin Again!

  1. Looking forward to learning everyone’s personality type 🙂

  2. Looking forward to using new information to help understand students!

  3. I found it!

  4. Hmmm… I found this but I didn’t Log in and I can’t find the spot. So I’m just checking to see if this works or if it will boot me off. Hope everyone is well and making progress.

    I think I may have found it!

  5. OK… that worked. Cool! I’m ready!

  6. I can’t see any other comments. Just wondering… Am I seeing everything or am I missing something?

  7. Bronda, you are not missing anything. We’ll spend time on the blog in class; just be sure to bring your laptop! See you soon.

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