Insights Into Type Through Peer Teaching

We’ve talked so much about how teacher’s naturally teach to their own type, I thought that by putting my students into a teaching role I could learn more about their preferences. It totally worked!
I showed half of my class (multi-age groupings) how to create what we are calling personal word collectors. Then, I observed how they taught one of their peers that had not had the lesson. Some took it step by step, others explained the finished product first, and I was surprised to see who used their own as a model and which students didn’t give theirs as an example at all. I feel really good about turning this simple construction project, into a learning tool for myself.

Have a great weekend all!



4 responses to “Insights Into Type Through Peer Teaching

  1. Jacqui that is a fantastic idea. Imitation is a form of flattery. Isn’t it?
    ; }

  2. watermellonellen2012

    That sounds so awesome! It sounds like something you could video for a future lesson or show at a workshop to demonstrate the power if typing! “}

  3. Jacqui, Your idea is brilliant, and your observations are right on. Ellen is right — this is solid material for a workshop of your own.

  4. LOVE IT….Jacqui I have been showing a “model” of our projects for the last few days and for some seeing the finished item is good, they have something to refer to…Others even looking at the project still didn’t “get” it the way I thought they would…but I don’t change what they “create”. If they are happy and enjoying what they are making it’s fine if it’s not “like my model” I did notice some kids looking at someone else’s work and saying…”Hey that’s not right”, and I had to step in and say that is the way that he/she would like it to be.

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