Enlighted Reading on a full stomach

First off I hope I’m doing this BLOG thing correctly.  I don’t see anyone else’s posts except for the beginning of November from Beth and Ellen.  So here we go!  I had so many thoughts going through my head as I read the chapters and lots of notes were flying into my notebook.  I now see some areas I can “change” to meet the needs of my little ones.  I see “mistakes” I may be making that are impacting their learning and my patience.  I realize what worked last year with my groups may not work this year, even though some of my students were with me last year.  My eyes are wide open to adapt and make changes to my daily  schedule, activities and assessments.   Can’t wait to discuss with everyone their thoughts and visions of classroom management and how to reach all our learners through their and our personalities.

9 responses to “Enlighted Reading on a full stomach

  1. Someone…please let me know if you received my posting !

  2. ok…round 4…trying for the 4th time to respond…Yes, I got your post but am having difficultiy responding ….

  3. Yikes — it looks like everyone is having trouble with the blog. Hopefully I can clear it all up tomorrow! Robin, I’m glad you are finding ways to help your little ones; I’m very curious about what your ideas “look like”! And yes, things that work at one time don’t always work again, even with the same students — it has always fascinated me that groups will take on personalities of their own, separate from the personalities of the individuals. (We are NOT going to try and figure that out!)

  4. I am going to try to recreate my response to Robin. This time, I will write in Word first, so I can don’t lose my comment like yesterday. Of course, I am sure yesterday’s was much more brilliant, witty and spectacular.

    I have also found mistakes that I am making considering my personality type both in the personal life and in the classroom. For instance as an N, I have difficulty listening to directions because I am already planning what I am going to do, therefore, I miss the directions. That is why I didn’t clearly record the homework assignment for this coming class. : )

    In the classroom, I believe I give excellent directions, but I always have students who pop up to ask me the directions afterwards. I now understand that they do that because they need reassurance that they are doing their work correctly, or they may be fellow intuitives whom half listened as their minds sped ahead with the assignment. I have been annoyed by the student who wants me to read their work on the spot. Again they need the reassurance. Of course, part of the problem is that once I give the directions, my personality thinks I can steal a few moments uninterrupted to decompress, but there is never a chance of that.

    I did a brief introduction of personality types with my homeroom class. They enjoyed recognizing themselves and coming up with their letters. I have not had time to digest them yet (that would be the personality types not the kids). Again, I get the feeling of frustration that I learn all these things on Common Day and during workshops and classes, but I haven’t the time to implement the ideas.

    • I feel your “pain: in not being able to digest all these new ideas. I love the ideas, and have been trying to fit them into my world in room 1. What would it be like to send them off to the next teacher with information on how best to teacher them and how best they learn! In a perfect world maybe!

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