Differentiation Through Personality Types

Welcome to Differentiation Through Personality Types. I know the name isn’t very creative, but there’s a reason for that; the title refers to a graduate level course for teachers in SAU 24, New Hampshire. Class will begin October 25, so nothing much will happen here until then. Visitors not enrolled in this class are also welcome to contribute to these conversations as long as it’s honest and respectful.

Students are expected to check the blog regularly for notices, discussions, and ideas, and each student is expected to create at least one page to add to the collection of material.

4 responses to “Differentiation Through Personality Types

  1. Help! My personality type is strangling me!

    After class, I couldn’t wait to get to my reading and envisioning done. Then life happened. School, too short a weekend and then a power outage for almost three days leaving me distracted and disorganized. Add a little Halloween and the aftermath of Sandy and Candy, and there has been little time to envision. So my INF was fighting with my J because I need tremendous amount of INF to accomplish my J.

    There was a fun evening this week as my son, daughter and I went over the personality descriptions and easily came up with perfect descriptions of them. We then attempted to peg my husband. I then attempted to get his perception, but his personality resists being pegged, and he described himself as the opposite of what we thought between extrovert and introvert and sensing and perceiving. Then of course my INF was disturbed as I could not identify through contemplation what my life’s partner’s personality was as my J kept telling me that it did not matter that I needed to move on and do the work required.

    I thought perhaps the Internet would have the answer, but alas it only threw me into further anxiety because my husband does not appear to be my best romantic personality match and that only .5% of the world are INFJ females which probably does not matter much because INFJ is the smallest portion of the personality types. Therefore I took another test to make sure that I fit the INFJ personality, once again finding that I do and then discovering that I share this trait with many great philosophers, Hitler and Asama Bin Laden.

    Oh and about my students, well after hours of deliberation, I will have to get back to you on that one….

  2. watermellonellen2012

    I share your feeling of anxiety with all the election activity,storm activity, splitting myself into two places with my Dad. Love all of it and am very excited to learn about tools that will help me see past my shortsightness!It is a bit overwhelming and am counting on you,Beth, Robin and Jaque for discussion to help my comprehension. I know I can learn this and impliment stratagies, just need time. Still not as comfortable as Beth using the INTJ language….I will get there “}. I have one female student and one male student I am thinking about for the reading. I will be seeing them in math. Of course the girl is the exact opposite of me, from what I can tell so far…ESFP.Still thinking about the boy. He will be more challanging. As I read through Eight Kinds of Students, I tried to picture these two students and was able to identify at least the girl’s preferences. I am looking forward to this adventure!

  3. Ellen,

    What I think is most valuable is that shift in thinking that I experience about a student. In the midst of a school day, sometimes I feel anger towards a student or frustration. When I think about the child in light of the personality types, I can soften that frustration within me. I can return to acting like the adult and perhaps find an explanation or even a solution for the situation. The student may feel more understood, and I feel like a caring teacher again.

    • watermellonellen2012

      I know you are right about the shift in thinking and I have been able to do that. The problem comes when frusteration has already set in, perhaps driven by a different source, then the child comes in ‘full force’. I need to be able to take a deep breath and clear to air. It is sometimes difficult, but that’s what makes presonality typing so important.

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